Frequently Asked Questions

Smart-ID (full access account)
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ID-card *
Mobile-ID n/a
Bank offices:
Biometric identification:
Existing Smart-ID account
Smart-ID ** ** **
Smart-ID Basic (limited access account)
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Bank link:
SEB n/a n/a
Urbo Bank n/a n/a
Bank offices:
SEB n/a n/a
Swedbank n/a
Urbo Bank n/a n/a
Šiaulių Bankas n/a n/a
Existing Smart-ID account:
Smart-ID n/a

How to use the table:
V = Yes, this method is available
n/a = No, this option not available
* = Option available with some limitations
** = Option available with specific limitations, please read more about using your existing Smart-ID to authenticate a new account.

NB! Depending on the registration method, different age restrictions may apply for users younger than 18 years old. Please read more about the requirements for Smart-ID account for minors.

Terms of use, for example transfer limits etc., are set by e-service providers.

* Geographical restrictions might apply.

Mobile-ID is a SIM card based digital signature solution (and requires a special Mobile-ID SIM card which your mobile operator will provide). It is recognised by governments and it grants access to online services in a similar manner to an ID card.

If you are already using Mobil-ID you can use it to authenticate your Smart-ID account by following the simple on-screen instructions.

What you should know before you start:

  • You can only use mobile-ID to authenticate Smart-ID accounts on the same device that has the mobile-ID SIM-card. If you need to register a Smart-ID account for another device, use ID-card authentication, visit a bank office or try biometric identification.
  • If you are travelling abroad: you may encounter problems receiving the confirmation code SMS. If it happens, try again, but try using a different mobile network for the duration of the registration (you can always swap back later). It is a technical network issue and you’ve done nothing wrong!
  • Mobile-ID accounts that were activated from 02.07.2022 cannot be used to register new Smart-ID accounts. Please choose another authentication method.


Step 1: Download and create your account

To register your Smart-ID account with Mobile-ID, you need to download the Smart-ID app into your phone and install it. Once you have the app open, click on “Register” and fill in the form.

When you get to “Registration methods” screen, choose Mobile-ID.

All the relevant information will be on your mobile screen: follow the instructions and registration should be fast, easy and smooth! Make sure you check what you have typed before you move on to next steps. Accidental typos are the main reason registration process might fail, so double-check everything you type.

NB! If you are using Meizu phones, you need to adjust the Google Play settings on your phone. Default settings will not allow automatic SMS-detection, so you need to permit them.


Step 2: Authenticating the account

You need to enter your phone number and your personal ID-number to authenticate the account. Double-check for mistakes here!
Click “Continue” and we’ll send you a confirmation SMS.

  • Android phones: Smart-ID app will detect the correct SMS automatically and if everything is in order, you’ll be taken to the next step automatically. You do not have to do anything, just watch your screen for further instructions!
  • iPhone users: you’ll be sent a confirmation code via SMS. Your Smart-ID app will ask for you to enter that code before you can continue to the next step.

It is very important that you only use the SMS-code in the same smart device it was sent to: do not share the SMS-code and do not use it somewhere else!


What if phone confirmation fails?

It doesn’t usually happen, but if you do not receive the confirmation SMS, just wait a bit longer and then try again (click “Sent SMS again” button) – there might be a temporary technical glitch with your mobile operator.

You can always start the registration again later if needed. Click “Cancel” and you’ll cancel the registration process for the time being.

If your phone can’t be confirmed, it’s usually due to a typo in the data you’ve entered – for example you’ve made a mistake in entering your phone numbers or personal ID-code. Just click “Cancel” and start the registration again.

You may also encounter problems receiving the confirmation SMS if you are travelling abroad. If that’s the case, try again while using different mobile network(s) – and swap back to your preferred roaming network once you’re done.

Don’t forget that you can only use Mobile-ID to authenticate Smart-ID account on the same mobile device: unlike ID-card authentication, Mobile-ID is not suitable for cross-device Smart-ID authentication!

You can always contact Smart-ID customer support for further advice and assistance.


Step 3: completing the registration

After your phone has been confirmed, you’ll be asked to choose PIN-codes for your Smart-ID account. Smart-ID PIN-codes are permanent and cannot be changed, so choose PIN-codes that are easy for you to remember, but hard to guess for someone else.

Read our tips about PIN-codes and security.