Automated Biometric Identity Verification for Service Providers

Universal automated biometric identity verification (UABIV) is a fully remote process that allows Service Provider to onboard end-users and provide them with a secure digital identity. 

UABIV is useful for the customers because they are able to:

  • access online services that require strong authentication
  • securely log into e-services
  • give legally binding electronic signatures

UABIV integration benefits

Quick enrollment process to onboard the end-users

Safer and stronger
meets strong authentication requirements

Legally binding
equal to the handwritten signatures

Internationally scalable
supports documents from 90+ countries

PSD2, eIDAS, GDPR and AML compliant

Multiple devices
end-user can register and use on several devices

Fast implementation
you could have it up and running within days

Saves time and money
instant access to the services

Cross-border, cross-service
end-user can access multiple services in different countries

Easy setup

How can you start using universal advanced biometric identity verification for your (online) service?

Try our demo

Sign a service agreement

The full list of requirements

We are doing the necessary integrations

That’s it! You can start onboarding your customers!

UABIV benefits for your customers

  • Fully remote: no need to physically visit the office eID registered in minutes
  • Saves time and money: fast authentication online
  • Sign documents: customer will sign with the signature equal to the handwritten
  • No passwords: no need to memorize complicated passwords

Easy onboarding for your customers

  1. Get the mobile app from Google Play, App Store, AppGallery
  2. Provide contact data in the app
  3. Scan national identity document using the mobile device
  4. Get confirmed by the Service Provider
  5. Scan face and confirm identity
  6. Create two PIN codes – PIN1 for login and PIN2 for signing
  7. Sign your Smart-ID applications with PIN2
  8. Make a final confirm of your account
  9. That’s it! You can start using your Smart-ID

Requirements for the end-users

  • Any mobile phone with an NFC scanning abilities
  • Valid passport and/or an ID-card with an electronic chip/biometric data
  • 5 minutes of uninterrupted time

Remote onboarding steps

Industries & use cases


strong customer authentication to login, confirm payments, apply for loans


secure login, prescription signing, analysis confirmation


remote access to subscription data and opportunity to modify services

Public sector

secure access to e-services, TAX declaration confirmation, requesting COVID certificate


access to eSchool service

Pay your bills

pay water, gas, electricity and etc. bills

Try it for yourself

With Smart-ID, the user is getting a universal token that can be used as a single login method to a variety of services. To see Smart-ID in action and actually use it to log into a website and give the digital signature, as a first step, please download DEMO app:

After successfully installing Smart-ID DEMO app, please follow the simple steps for registering a demo account. Steps guidelines is provided on the slider.

STEP 1: Start by selecting „Register new Smart-ID“
STEP 2: Choose „Other country“
STEP 3: Choose „Other country“
STEP 4: Choose „Biometric Identification“
STEP 5: Choose „SK“
STEP 6: Follow the instructions on the screen
STEP 7: Consent to data processing
STEP 8: Agree to Terms and Conditions of the DEMO
STEP 9: Fill in your contact data
STEP 10: Select the biometric document do you want to use
STEP 11: Scan MRZ of your document
STEP 12: Confirm identity of the document holder
STEP 13: Scan the chip of your document via NFC
STEP 14: Get ready for real-time liveness check
STEP 15: Wait till our system verifies your identity
STEP 16: Select the PIN-codes you want to use
STEP 17: Re-enter your newly selected PIN-codes
STEP 18: Click to sign Smart-ID application
STEP 19: Congrats! You can now start using Smart-ID DEMO app

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Smart-ID portal (demo)

What is Smart-ID demo portal?

Smart-ID (self-service) demo portal to easily manage your Smart-ID accounts and get information about your recent transactions.


What is BANK123?

Bank123 is a simple demo to demonstrate Smart-ID usage in online banking services. End-user can securely login and confirm payment transactions by signing with Smart-ID.
Demo flow is provided here.

Other 3rd party services

Other 3rd party services

With Smart-ID DEMO app you can access other e-services safely and securely from any smart device you want.

Dokobit BETA to demonstrate Smart-ID DEMO usage for signing documents.