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Renew your Smart-ID

Did you get a notification that you need to renew your account?

Congratulations! You’ve used Smart-ID for 3 years and have become a true master at it! It also means that it is time to renew your account information. You’ll need the latest Smart-ID app version to do it and you also need to be able to re-authenticate your account when you start the renewal process.

Renew your Smart-ID
When do you need to renew your account?

When do you need to renew your account?

Your Smart-ID account is valid for 3 years. When the expiration date is getting close, your app will start to remind you about it.
You’ll also receive notifications telling you about the expiration – the first a few months before and a final one 72 hours before.

If you want to check when your Smart-ID account will expire, open the app and click “User Info” on the menu. “Account active until” will tell you when you need to update it.

What do you need to renew the account?

  1. You need the newest Smart-ID app version (v18 or newer)
    If you’ve turned on automatic updates, you’re good to go. If you’ve disabled automatic updates, you may need to update the app manually.
    Please check the system requirements for account renewal as they are different from registering an account. Make sure your software is up to date!
  2. To be able to authenticate your account.
    Choose which authentication/registration method is easiest for you: ID-card, mobile-ID authentication, visiting a bank office, using a bank link or our newest and coolest option: biometric identification! Read if biometric identification is for you.
    NB! Don’t start the account renewal process until you’re ready to authenticate it! Have you been using Smart-ID Basic?
    Read why it’s smart to upgrade Smart-ID Basic to full access Smart-ID when renewing your account!
  3. A few minutes of your time: renewing the account will take just a few minutes.

Make sure your app is up to date before you renew your account! It makes the process faster, easier and you’ll also get automatic notifications on your screen when using the newest app version.

Android devices

  • Operating system: Android 5 or newer
  • Disk space: ~36 MB for Android 5.x,  ~24 MB for Android 9
  • Display height: at least 480 px
  • Display size: at least 3.5 inches
  • Internet connection (Works with Wifi-only devices, no mobile internet connection required)

iOS devices

  • Minimum operating system: iOS 11
  • Device requirements:
    • iPhone 5S or newer
    • iPod Touch (5th generation) or newer
    • iPad 2 or newer
    • iPad Mini since the first generation

NB! If you are using an older operating system, you won’t be able to update your Smart-ID app to the newest version and you may not receive automatic in-app notifications about account expiration. To keep using Smart-ID, you need to register a new account (using an older supported Smart-ID app version) and delete your existing account.

Ooops! What to do when you forgot to renew your account?

Very simple – just register a new account (and don’t forget to authenticate it) and you can keep using Smart-ID!

This option also works if, for some reason, you are unable to renew the account for technical reasons or can’t update your app: just delete the old account and register a new one through your app menu.

Did you run into difficulties? Read our frequently asked questions or, if you need a bit more personal assistance, get in touch with our customer service.