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Smart-ID support for Apple Watch

Smart-ID, as an app-based secure authentication and signing solution, always has been user-friendly and intuitive.

Now, Smart-ID is also available on Apple Watch.

A solution with multiple applications for making your everyday life more convenient. One of them – for working from your computer when your phone is nowhere near, but your Apple Watch is right there.

Just as easy, convenient, and safe.

No Download

No need to download a separate app.

Authentication + signing

Applicable for both authentication and electronic signing.


Secure – only the PIN entry dialogue will be available on your watch so that your account information cannot be changed (e.g. deleted) from the watch.

Before you start using Smart-ID on your Apple Watch, keep in mind that:

  1. You must update Smart-ID application on your phone to at least version 23.7.
  2. Your phone must be connected to your Apple Watch – it should be within Bluetooth range.
  3. For increased data security and protection, be sure to enable passcode on your Apple Watch.

We strongly recommend setting a passcode on your Apple Watch before you start using Smart-ID

Step-by-step process for using Smart-ID on your Apple Watch
  • 1 You initiate authentication or signing with Smart-ID.
  • 2 iPhone receives notification of the transaction.
  • 3 iPhone notifies Apple Watch about the transaction.
  • 4 Apple Watch displays Smart-ID transaction notification.
  • 5 You press on the transaction notification in the Apple Watch.
  • 6 Smart-ID app on Apple Watch communicates with Smart-ID app on the iPhone to receive transaction details.
  • 7 Smart-ID app on Apple Watch displays information about the transaction.
  • 8 You confirm transaction details.
  • 9 Smart-ID app on Apple Watch displays the PIN entry dialog.
  • 10 You enter PIN code (PIN 1 in case of authentication or PIN2 in case of signing).
  • 11 Smart-ID app on Apple Watch sends the PIN code entry result to the iPhone’s Smart-ID app to finalize authentication or signing procedure.
  • 12 Smart-ID app on the iPhone notifies Smart-ID app on the Apple Watch that authentication or signing was successful.
  • 13 Smart-ID app on Apple Watch displays message that the transaction was successful.

Other relevant information

Update Smart-ID app

To check the current version of your Smart-ID, check the App Store. Remember, that it’s important to keep your app updated.

Minimum requirements for devices
  • iOS 13 or later;
  • watchOS 6 or later;
  • Works only in tandem with your phone.
Smart-ID notifications on Apple Watch

When your Apple Watch is locked, the notifications don’t arrive on Apple Watch. Find more here.


If you have any questions about using Smart-ID on your Apple Watch, feel free to contact our customer support team.