Smart-ID is now available in Belgium!

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Smart-ID – The smart way to identify yourself


Using Smart-ID is very easy: get started by downloading the Smart-ID app.

Using Smart-ID for personal identification is free, totally unlimited and you can download the app on all of your Android and iOS smart devices. Follow the steps in the app to confirm your identity and complete the registration process in just a few minutes. Or, if you feel more comfortable doing it in a bank, take your national identification document like a passport or an ID-card with you and visit your local bank office for identity validation. Once you’ve done that, you’re good to go. Just remember, if you want to use Smart-ID on multiple smart devices you will need to register each device individually for the authentication to work.

What’s more, you can use Smart-ID to access e-services from your other devices too. Say you prefer to use a computer for your online banking and you have Smart-ID on your smartphone. No worries, you can use Smart-ID on both. You can login to e-services using your computer and the smart device, or the smart device only. YOU choose the way you want to use e-services and Smart-ID, we just make authentication as simple, reliable and fast as possible.

Smart-ID can be used to log in to e-services, for online banking and for signing documents. Signatures given with Smart-ID are legally binding, recognized in all EU states and have the same legal effect as handwritten signatures.

The Smart-ID app is easy to use, even if it is your first app experience or the first time you’ve used electronic authentication. Give it a go, the digital revolution has never been easier!


Your Smart-ID is in your smart device – so it’s always within an easy reach!

You can use Smart-ID any time, any place, because it’s always with you in your smart device. No need for additional devices, just download the Smart-ID app and start using it. It works as fast as your internet connection allows and using it is very convenient.

When you want to log into an e-service, for example your online bank account, choose the Smart-ID login option from your bank’s website. After entering the required Information, you’ll get a Smart-ID notification on the screen of your device. Make sure that the e-service name and verification code match in the notification and e-service and enter your PIN1 code. That’s it, you’ll be logged into the e-service!

For the easy on-screen notifications to work, you need to allow push notifications in your Smart-ID app. You can still log in through Smart-ID even if your device doesn’t accept push notifications though, just open the app to confirm the pending transaction. All in all, using Smart-ID to authenticate is fast and convenient. It takes less time than going to another room to fetch your wallet and looking for the correct password from the bank’s code card!

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Safe and secure way to use electronic identification approved by Baltic banks.

Smart-ID is safe and secure. Losing your phone or any other device where you have your Smart-ID app does not give someone else automatic access to your digital accounts. Why? Because to use Smart-ID you need two things: your smart device and your secret PIN codes that are known only to you.

Using your Smart-ID account is made secure thanks to these PIN codes. These are the codes you choose while registering your account in order to authenticate e-services and sign documents and transactions.

PIN1 code is at least 4 digits long and used to get access to e-services.
PIN2 code is at least 5 digits long and needed to sign documents or confirm actions such as bank transactions.

If someone has access to your device and tries to guess your PIN codes, your account will be locked each time your PIN has been entered incorrectly three times in a row.

After three unsuccessful PIN attempts, your account will be locked for 3 hours. If a further 3 unsuccessful attempts are made, your account will then be locked for 24 hours. Should there be another 3 incorrect PIN attempts, your account will be locked permanently. To continue using Smart-ID, you will have to delete your existing account and then register a new one.

So, as long as you are the only one who knows your PIN codes, your transactions and account will always be safe!

The levels of Smart-ID:

You can apply for and use Smart-ID on two levels:

Smart-ID – Smart-ID – apply for with your ID-card or Mobile-ID or by visiting a bank office. Can be used in all e-services integrated with the Smart-ID network.

Smart-ID Basic – Smart-ID Basic – available in Latvia and Lithuania and can only be used for internet banking. Not suitable for use with other e-services. Upgrade your Smart-ID Basic account to full-access Smart-ID.