Smart-ID is now available in Belgium!

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Error messages

First of all make sure that you still have an active Smart-ID account: launch the Smart-ID app and check to see if your name appears on the welcome screen.

Your account is still active:

If the app displays your name, it means your account is still active. Please contact customer support if the error persists despite you having an active account.

Your account is no longer active:

If you received the error “Account not found” and do not see your name on the welcome screen of Smart-ID app, then it means hat your Smart-ID account has been deleted from your smart device. Accounts can be deleted if:

  • you are an Android user and opened “Settings > Applications > Smart-ID” and emptied App Data and/or cache
  • you used some other application which emptied the Smart-ID app data for you

To resolve the issue, you should register a new Smart-ID account on your smart device. Don’t forget to delete your unused Smart-ID accounts, as multiple accounts mean extra screens asking you to accept or decline Smart-ID requests!

If the problem persists, please contact customer support by e-mail at in Estonia, in Lithuania or in Latvia.