Smart-ID is now available in Belgium!

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Smart-ID Security Guide

Smart-ID is easy, convenient and safe

Smart-ID is a quick and easy way to identify yourself online. Most importantly,  it meets the highest safety standards and is trusted by banks and e-service providers. But to support this there’s a lot you can do to keep your online accounts safe:

  • Keep your PIN-codes secret
  • Only enter the PIN if you have initiated the request yourself
  • Keep the software on your smart device updated

This will keep your personal data and bank accounts safe even if you lose your phone!


Safety guidelines

Smart-ID: safe and secure solution

Smart-ID meets the European Union’s highest security standards and digital signatures given with Smart-ID have the same legal standing as handwritten ones.


PIN-codes keep your personal data protected: as long as you do not make your PIN-codes accessible, they can’t be used against you.

Scams and viruses

Internet scammers are cleverer than ever: they’ll use any means possible to gain access to your accounts. Learn to spot the warning signs!