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Smart-ID for business: one strong solution for all identity needs

Smart-ID is a universal, app-based strong authentication & digital signing solution, has flexible pricing and is PSD2 and eIDAS compliant. The end-user app itself is user-friendly, simple and easy to operate, even for those users who lack digital confidence.

Be innovative – add Smart-ID authentication to your e-service today!


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Smart-ID for e-service providers

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Universal token:
authentication + signing

Smart-ID offers the perfect infrastructure to fit all of your strong identity needs within one solution:

  • MFA based strong authentication
  • AdES/QC level signatures
  • works across borders
  • same token for all e-services
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eIDAS/PSD2 compliant

Signatures given through Smart-ID have the same legal standing as handwritten signatures: QES (qualified electronic signature) is the highest level of electronic signature according to the eIDAS.

Smart-ID is a strong customer authentication solution according to PSD2.

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Fast service set-up

You can get the Smart-ID identification up and running for your e-service within days of your first enquiry. The Smart-ID solution is based on a simple REST API that can be easily used with all modern development frameworks.

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Transaction based billing

Smart-ID offers transparent pay-as-you-go transaction-based monthly pricing. There are no license fees, no hidden costs and no surprises. What you'll pay is easy to calculate and estimate.

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Scalable and flexible

The same Smart-ID solution works in different countries, so it’s easy to integrate and expand. Multi-device and cross-device usage possibilities make it easy for all of your customers too!

Simple login method

Smart-ID enables you to integrate all of your customer groups and increase sales through increased user volumes. The end-user solution is based on a simple app that is easy to use across all smart devices, offering strong authentication without the need for ID-cards, pin-calculators or bank code cards.

Smart-ID is fully compliant with Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and uses multi-factor authentication (MFA). Switching to Smart-ID will introduce a new and safer way for your customers to authenticate themselves and high availability of the service increases your return on investment even further. The service is based on a REST API and is simple and quick to integrate, with a monthly pay-as-you go payment.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Transforming digital signatures

The Smart-ID solution is based on the known and proven principles of the public key infrastructure (PKI) and cryptographic digital signature schemes. Compared to the other possible user authentication technologies, such as PIN-calculators, challenge-response mobile apps or one-time-use PIN-codes sent over the SMS channel, the PKI based digital signature approach has many benefits.

A few of the key benefits:

  • High level of security: advanced clone detection and protection against hacking.
  • Non-repudiation of operations: user’s private key is non-disputably linked to the authentication result or signature.
  • Smart-ID provides eIDAS QES level signatures.
  • Support for all signature formats including PDF documents and ASiC containers.

A user-friendly and all inclusive app

Smart-ID’s user interface is incredibly simple, making it easy and intuitive even for users who lack digital confidence. The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the App Store. As this solution is not reliant on SIM-cards, all a user needs to do is register a new account for each smart device they want to use it on. Smart-ID works across devices and uses only a few bytes of data: so all a user needs is basic internet connection and they are good to go!

Choose Smart-ID login

Choose Smart-ID login

When logging in to an e-service, choose Smart-ID as your login method and enter your user details as normal.

Mobile notification

Mobile notification

The app on your phone asks you for your PIN1. Enter it and press OK. Return to the browser/app you used for logging in.


You've logged in and you'll be automatically redirected to the e-service, whether you logged in on your computer or phone.

Keep using Smart-ID

Keep using Smart-ID

You use PIN1 to login to services and PIN2 to confirm transactions and sign document. It is that easy!

Proven and trusted solution

All major banks in the Baltic countries trust Smart-ID for authentication, confirming payments and signing contracts. Smart-ID is the number 1 choice for users upgrading from an old and obsolete bank code-card solution. If you’d like to see Smart-ID in action, take a look at our Smart-ID supported services page.


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Latest customers to join us

  • MyEmerg
  • Saules aptieka
  • Scrive
  • Erik Mell

    Xolo - Co-founder

    Running your business with Xolo can be easily managed using Smart-ID. For our customers, Smart-ID is an important login alternative to e-Residency ID card in case customer uses a device where ID-card software isn’t set up.

  • Margus Holland

    LHV Bank - Head of Digital Banking

    Using Smart-ID for customer authentication doubled the number of monthly new users in our mobile bank. We are very satisfied with Smart-ID regarding both the ease of technical integration, as well as convenient user experience of the application. This mindset is supported by our internet and mobile banking clients from whom already 25% are using the possibilities of Smart-ID.

Our sales team is here to help

If you need more information, would like to have assistance with service set-up or would like help deciding if Smart-ID is suitable for your e-service, please contact our corporate support team:

Marve Kooser Sales representative
Pavel Jurgo Sales representative
Santa Mazure Sales representative
Georg Nikolajevski Sales representative

Phone: (+372) 610 1885

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Test for free

Test for free

Before getting started, play around in our FREE test environment and view the demos.

Technical info

Technical info

Before getting started, play around in our FREE test environment and view the demos.



There are no set-up fees: our pricing system is based on a number of transactions per calendar month.



There are no set-up fees: our pricing system is based on a number of transactions per calendar month.

Why choose

  • Convenient and fast

    Works fast. Simple registration. Easy to use.

  • Multi device usage

    One user can have Smart-ID on several smart devices.

  • Highly secure

    Our innovative solution uses advanced cryptography and proven PKI

  • Smart solution

    Non-repudiation of operations and advanced clone detection

  • Cross country usage

    Same eID works in different countries

  • Legally binding signatures

    Qualified Electronic Signature

  • Compliant

    Compliant to EBA guidelines, eIDAS and PSD2 requirements