Smart-ID Case Studies

Smart-ID has helped many of our clients to find answers to the questions “How can we identify our clients?” and “How can we make our services accessible and easy to use?”. These are stories of the experiences of our clients in various countries around the world.

Smart-ID case studies

Elderly people and people living in remote areas are increasingly consulting doctors online

“Family doctors typically visit smaller towns, but residents must travel to district or county centres for other specialist consultations. As a result, the demand for remote consultations is increasing, particularly...

Storent and Smart-ID are digitalizing the construction industry

The construction industry is one of the most conservative business sectors in relation to the introduction and adaptation of digital solutions. However this has not stopped Storent from becoming a...

Representative of the Lithuanian Central Credit Union: digitisation allows us to remain competitive

Credit unions, like the rest of the financial services industry, are undergoing a transformation. According to data from the Lithuanian Central Credit Union (LCKU), which oversees the activities of the...

The sunset of old authentication methods in the consumer loan market – smart tools are the future

Login methods that have been around for almost 15 years are being replaced by smart authentication and document signing methods. The implementation of digital tools allows companies to automate more...

For your business: One strong solution for all of your identity needs: universal token for authentication and signing.

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