Smart-ID integration process – it’s easy

Integrating Smart-ID support is easier than you’d think: you can have your service up and running within days of your first inquiry. You don’t even need a signed agreement to start with the implementation – we’ve got (completely free of charge!) test accounts and services for you to use until you’re ready to go live.

Hassle-free implementation

Universal token

for authentication and signing: one process for all strong authentication needs

Simple REST API:

compatible with all modern frameworks and fast to implement


you can safely pre-build and test the Smart-ID integration even before signing the agreement

Support team:

we’ve got a dedicated tech support team ready to assist you.

E-mail: support@smart-id.com
Phone: (+372) 610 1885

The process

Get started with the test environment

You should investigate our client libraries and start development against the test environment.

Choose your end-user security measures

Are the standard security measures enough (check out the relevant REST API)? Or do you want your users to see an extra confirmation screen or to have to select the correct control code (see REST API v2).

IP & Service name

Send us your unique IP for whitelisting; desired Service Name (public) and additional data if needed.

Service agreement

We’ll send and sign the service agreement so after we’ve all signed, you’d have access to LIVE-services. Service order form


We will provide the Relying Party UUID (RPUUID) and activate your chosen Service Name.

Swap from demo to LIVE

Once you’ve tested your Smart-ID integration against our test environment, it’s time to swap it for the live service!




How does it work?

You integrate our API into your system, allowing your customers to authenticate themselves & confirm transactions by using the Smart-ID app. Your integrations would be between the Smart-ID live service and your own system; interactions between users and the trust services are handled by Smart-ID. The amount of unique IP addresses/Service Names you want to use is NOT limited, but you’ll only have one RPUUID. 

See the user app demo and view authentication and signing flow schematics for further details. Smart-ID service is priced per successful transaction per month: no setup fees or hidden costs. 

Smart-ID is fully compliant with Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and uses multi-factor authentication (MFA). Electronic signatures given with Smart-ID have the benefit of non-repudiation, are legally binding (AdES/QC/QES level) and Smart-ID has eIDAS QSCD certification.