Frequently Asked Questions

Using Smart-ID
Smart-ID Basic Smart-ID
Can be used for:
Online banking:
Other e-services: NO
Digital signing: NO
Main differences between Smart-ID Basic and full access Smart-ID
Smart-ID Basic Smart-ID
Registration methods:
Bank link: NO
ID-card: NO
Mobile-ID: NO
Bank office visit: NO
Biometric identification: NO
Existing Smart-ID:
Basic requirements:
Device requirements: The same* The same*
Account valid for: 3 years 3 years
Multiple accounts allowed:
Available for minors: Varies** Varies**
Price and fees: FREE FREE
Available in countries:
Estonia: NO

* Technical requirements are always the same regardless of the account type
** Minimum age requirements are set by service providers.



Your Smart-ID account is valid for 3 years regardless of your registration method. Smart-ID accounts are independent from other services and will remain active even if your passport, ID-card or Mobile-ID* expire, phone contract ends, or you change your service providers before the Smart-ID account expiration date. However, there are several scenarios in which you will need to renew your Smart-ID account.

There are three types of notifications you can receive requesting account renewal:

1. Smart-ID account will soon expire

When the expiration date is getting close, your app will start reminding you about it (for example, it’ll show you a warning before you enter the PIN-code)**. We’ll also use other channels (like emails and SMS) to warn you when your account is about to expire.

To check when your Smart-ID account will expire, open the app, and click “User info” in the menu. Select “Account active until” and you’ll see when the account needs to be renewed.

2. Multiple active accounts on different devices

If you’ve received messages (SMS, email, etc.) about renewing your account, but your current Smart-ID account is still valid for more than couple of months, it’s because you have multiple active accounts. Log in to Smart-ID self-service to get an overview of all your accounts.

Remember! Smart-ID is device based: if you have it on multiple devices, they will each have a separate account with separate expiration dates and will each need to be updated every 3 years. Updating one account will not update the others!

3. Name or surname changes in your national identity documents

We will receive a notification from your national population registry if changes are made to your personal data (like name or surname). In order to continue using Smart-ID, you will need to renew your Smart-ID account.

You must renew your Smart-ID account within 30 days of receiving the first notification. Failure to do so will result in the deactivation of your Smart-ID account, and you will no longer be able to use it.


If you’re not sure which of your accounts needs an update, here’s how to find out:

1. Open the Smart-ID app and select “Settings”;

2. Check the account information under “User info”;

  • If the information matches, this is the account you need to update.
  • If it doesn’t match, this account does not need updating. In this case, one of your other accounts needs to be updated. You can review and, if necessary, cancel your multiple Smart-ID accounts at portal.smart-id.com.

You can find instructions on registering a new Smart-ID account here: https://www.smart-id.com/help/faq/.


* Not available in Latvia
** If you check your “Account active until” date and your account is active for less than 2 months, but you have not received any notifications about it, it could be because you have turned off automatic notifications for Smart-ID or that you are using an old version of the app. If this is the case, you will need to update the app to version 18 or newer to be able to renew your account.