Frequently Asked Questions

Smart-ID (full access account)
Estonia Latvia Lithuania
ID-card *
Mobile-ID n/a
Bank offices:
Biometric identification:
Existing Smart-ID account
Smart-ID ** ** **
Smart-ID Basic (limited access account)
Estonia Latvia Lithuania
Bank link:
SEB n/a n/a
Urbo Bank n/a n/a
Bank offices:
SEB n/a n/a
Swedbank n/a
Urbo Bank n/a n/a
Šiaulių Bankas n/a n/a
Existing Smart-ID account:
Smart-ID n/a

How to use the table:
V = Yes, this method is available
n/a = No, this option not available
* = Option available with some limitations
** = Option available with specific limitations, please read more about using your existing Smart-ID to authenticate a new account.

NB! Depending on the registration method, different age restrictions may apply for users younger than 18 years old. Please read more about the requirements for Smart-ID account for minors.

Terms of use, for example transfer limits etc., are set by e-service providers.

* Geographical restrictions might apply.

First, follow the instructions listed in the message e.g. make sure that:

  1. you have either Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian ID-card software installed on your computer;
  2. you have an ID-card with valid certificates and PIN codes. You can check with your ID-card provider for details on the validity and update options of the certificates;
  3. you have inserted your ID-card into the smartcard reader before continuing.

If the above mentioned steps do not solve the problem, you should try registering with a different supported browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

If registration still fails, it might be because firewall or antivirus software installed on your computer is preventing successful authentication. Notable examples of these can be Kaspersky Internet Security and McAfee Web Gateway. Try disabling the software and register again to see if it solves the problem.