Frequently Asked Questions

Smart-ID accounts are device-based – not user account or SIM-card based. It means that for safety reasons you should always delete the Smart-ID accounts that you no longer use. It’ll also make your life easier by removing the extra step of confirming the device when you want to log in using Smart-ID.

If you are upgrading or changing your phone, delete the old account when you have your new account in place. If your smart device has been lost or stolen, delete your old account as soon as possible.

There are several ways to delete your inactive accounts:

  • if you still have access to your old smart device, use the Smart-ID app to remove the account. This is the easiest and fastest way
  • if you can’t use your app to delete the account, sign in to the Smart-ID portal and deactivate the accounts that you no longer require
  • You can also contact our customer services for assistance if your smart device has been lost or stolen, or visit your local bank office to deactivate your accounts if you can’t do it through electronic channels.


NB!Removing accounts does not clear your transaction history. All your activities with Smart-ID (online banking, confirming transactions, using e-services etc.) are tied to your national identity number. You will always have access to your transaction history – just log in to the Smart-ID portal using a new Smart-ID account, ID-card or mobile-ID.

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