Frequently Asked Questions

There are three main reasons why Smart-ID might delete your account automatically.

  • Your PIN-codes are locked permanently. This happens when your PIN-codes have been entered wrong too many times. Read more about locking of the PIN-codes.
  • Your account expired. Smart-ID accounts are valid for 3 years before you need to renew the account (and re-authenticate it). Read more about renewing your account.
  • Use of a cloned device. If our security system has a valid reason to suspect your phone is being cloned, it’ll delete your account to protect you from identity theft. Read more about the use of cloned devices and get in touch with our customer service in case you suspect you were a victim of a crime!

NB! Removing accounts does not clear your transaction history. All your activities with Smart-ID (online banking, confirming transactions, using e-services etc.) are tied to your national identity number. You will always have access to your transaction history – just log in to the Smart-ID portal using a new Smart-ID account, ID-card or mobile-ID.