Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You need the latest Smart-ID app version (v18 or newer): if you’ve turned on automatic updates, you’re good to go. If you’ve disabled automatic updates, you might need to update the app manually.
  2. You will need to authenticate your account the same way you did when you registered your account originally. Choose which ever authentication method is easiest for you: ID-card, mobile-ID, biometric identification, bank link or visiting a bank office.
  3. A few minutes of your time: updating the account will take just a few minutes.


Technical requirements for account renewal

: Minimum operating system Android 4.4
IOS: Minimum operating system iOS 11


  • iPhone 5S or newer
  • iPod Touch (5th generation) or newer
  • iPad 2 or newer
  • iPad Mini since first generation
  • Android: any device using Android 4.4 or newer is suitable

NB! If you are using an older operating system, you won’t be able to update your Smart-ID to the latest version and you may not receive automatic in-app notifications about account expiration. In this case, to keep using Smart-ID you will need to register a new account (using an older supported Smart-ID app version) and delete your existing account.

Using Smart-ID
Smart-ID Basic Smart-ID
Can be used for:
Online banking:
Other e-services: NO
Digital signing: NO
Main differences between Smart-ID Basic and full access Smart-ID
Smart-ID Basic Smart-ID
Registration methods:
Bank link: NO
ID-card: NO
Mobile-ID: NO
Bank office visit: NO
Biometric identification: NO
Basic requirements:
Device requirements: The same* The same*
Account valid for: 3 years 3 years
Multiple accounts allowed:
Available for minors: Varies** Varies**
Price and fees: FREE FREE
Available in countries:
Estonia: NO

* Technical requirements are always the same regardless of the account type
** Minimum age requirements are set by service providers.


How to upgrade from Basic to full access Smart-ID?

When you’re trying to access an e-service that isn’t supported by Smart-ID Basic, we’ll send you a notification with a link to the upgrade process.

Or you can simply delete your existing Smart-ID Basic account and register a new one with any other registration method besides the bank link authorisation Just remember not to delete your existing account until you are ready and able to finish the registration process!

No matter which way you get to the account upgrade process, you need to be able to authenticate the account with a method other than using the bank link. So choose which method suits you the best, either:

  • electronically with an ID-card or Mobile-ID;
  • by visiting the bank office
  • or by using our newest option biometric registration (where you use your phone to scan your document at home) to complete the registration process.

You cannot upgrade your account level with a bank link authorisation! If it is the only authorisation method available to you at the moment, keep using Smart-ID Basic until you’re able to use other registration methods.