Frequently Asked Questions

On extremely rare occasions the Smart-ID app might ask you to re-enter your PIN1 number but require you to enter an additional digit, i.e. instead of your typical 4 digit PIN1* it’ll ask you to enter 5 digits; then 6 digits and so on. Regardless of what you type in, it’ll always ask for one more digit until the PIN1 length it is asking for reaches 12 digits, then you’ll get an error message saying INVALID_TRANSACTION_STATE.

This is a very rare error and as the cause is unknown there is no easy fix. To resolve it:

  • You will need to delete your existing account (choose “Delete account” from Smart-ID app menu)
  • And then you need to register a new account.
  • NB! Whilst this error is inconvenient, please be assured it does not put your personal data at risk.

As it is a very rare error, we’d appreciate any help you can give us: if you know how to replicate the error, please get in touch with our technical support.

*Typical PIN1 codes are 4 digits, but you may have chosen to use a longer one (4-12 digits). This error will request you to enter additional digits regardless of your original PIN1 length.