Frequently Asked Questions

If you, or someone else, enter your PIN code incorrectly three times in a row, our system will automatically lock your PIN code. This is a part of our security procedures to ensure that a stranger would not be able to access your personal data, bank accounts, private details etc simply by “guessing” your PIN codes.

While it may be inconvenient if you’ve just accidentally typed in the wrong code, it is still necessary – specially to protect you in case your smart phone has been stolen.

Remember: you can’t continue using Smart-ID without the correct PIN codes, so neither can a thief.

The app will lock after three unsuccessful PIN attempts for a period of three hours. You will see a countdown timer showing you how long before you can try again.

If three further incorrect PIN attempts be made (6 in total by now), the app will lock for a period of 24 hours. Again, a countdown timer will appear showing how long until you can try again

If another three unsuccessful PIN attempts are made (9 in total), the PIN code will be locked permanently. When this happens, you need to register and authenticate a new Smart-ID account.

A hint: if you are in a hurry and cannot wait for 3/6 hours, just create a new Smart-ID account with new PIN-codes and use that one to complete your actions. Just don’t forget to delete the inactive account later!

To delete and reinstall a locked account:

  1. Create a new Smart-ID account
  2. Delete the old account through Smart-ID Self Service Portal or through your Smart-ID app.