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Smart-ID was successfully integrated into the state administration services portal


At the end of November of this year, the integration of Smart-ID into the state administration services portal was successfully completed. In addition to accessing various private-sector e-services and electronic signature options, Smart-ID will also be used to access the official electronic address (e-address) mailbox in the portal. The possibilities of using Smart-ID will also expand for accessing other portals of state and local government institutions and the services contained in them, where until now, Smart-ID as a solution was only available to customers of certain banks.

“The integration of Smart-ID as the most widely used authentication solution in Latvia into state administration portals is an important step towards ensuring the accessibility of digital services. Convenient and secure online proof of identity is no longer just a desire, but an integral part of the digital transformation of society and business. We are pleased that the public will now have access to multiple, secure and high-quality alternatives for trust services, ensuring uninterrupted access to critical services,” says Sanita Meijere, Head of the Latvian Branch and Business Relations at SK ID Solutions.

“Reliable and user-friendly identification in the digital environment is the first step towards citizen-friendly accessibility and user experience of the country’s digital services. We are pleased that in addition to the eParaksts mobile solution provided by the state, users of smart devices may also now access state services by using Smart-ID, which has proven to be a reliable, secure and widely used tool in society. Everyone will benefit, because by supporting various identification solutions, our digital services environment becomes both more convenient and more accessible,” says Inga Bērziņa, Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development.


From now on, Smart-ID will enable:

  • access to and setting up of an e-address so that all state and local authorities can communicate with citizens only electronically;
  • authentication in the portal without the help of banks as intermediaries in order to access the electronic services available there.

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development reminds you that from 1 January 2023, e-address is mandatory for legal persons.

On 18 May 2023, the Digital Security Supervisory Committee of the Ministry of Defence recognised Smart-ID as a qualified electronic identification service. Smart-ID is currently used by more than one million users in Latvia and is one of the unique cross-border solutions certified across the European Union. Around 85 million transactions are made every month via Smart-ID.