Smart-ID Continues to Maintain the Highest Level of Security with QSCD Certification Renewal


Smart-ID has held the QSCD accreditation since 2018, which attests to the service’s exceptional security measures. Periodic audits are conducted by TÜViT, an international IT security service provider, preserving the continuous alignment of Smart-ID’s security standards with QSCD prerequisites. Now, the most recent periodic audit has been concluded successfully, further strengthening the assurance of robust security and reaffirming Smart-ID’s commitment to the high levels of security its users and e-servicers have come to trust. The successful renewal of QSCD certification also underscores the continuous commitment of SK ID Solutions in maintaining its status as a reliable provider of digital identification and signing.

For more detailed insights into Smart-ID’s QSCD accreditation and its implications, please visit this page.

The recent renewal ensures that Smart-ID’s secure and trusted digital transactions remain undisturbed for all users, emphasizing the consistent level of trust and convenience associated with Smart-ID.

As Smart-ID’s QSCD certificate is comprised of multiple components, work remains in progress to ensure all components maintain the highest security levels, including the TSE library certificate.

Looking ahead, SK ID Solutions remains proactive in maintaining high security standards with the next periodic QSCD audit of Smart-ID set for 2028.

TÜViT is renowned for its rigorous IT security auditing services and is highly respected in the IT industry. Its highly trusted evaluations make Smart-ID’s QSCD accreditation by TÜViT a significant testament to the solution’s security and reliability.