Smart-ID – most preferred authentication in state e-services


For the first time, Smart-ID was used more than other methods for TARA authentication in July 2020, when 318,069 logins were made with Smart-ID, 322,831 with ID-card, and 198,723 with Mobile-ID. Half a year later, over one million logins per month were made with Smart-ID, and this has been the case for the past 24 months. No other authentication method has surpassed a million authentications per month for that long.

Currently, 64 organizations use the Estonian state authentication service TARA, but there are hundreds of e-services associated with the state, which can be accessed through TARA. These include government offices and local authorities, as well as hospitals and universities.

For more information, visit https://digi.geenius.ee/rubriik/uudis/riiklikke-e-teenuseid-eelistatakse-kasutada-smart-id-ga