Smart-ID in 2022


Changes in the Smart-ID app

In 2022, Smart-ID made it easier for minors to gain access to their money and learn how to manage their finances by launching an onboarding process that requires a smart device, valid ID, and parental approval. This simplified registration process only takes a few minutes, and it helps teenagers use online banking safely and securely.

These are vital skills, and with this step we aim to contribute to young Lithuanians development of financial literacy and educate them about online safety.

For now, Lithuania is the first of the Baltic states to offer such an opportunity – other countries will follow in near future.

To make Smart-ID even more secure, we launched a special feature for financial institutions. This helps us to detect frauds more quickly, combat data-related crimes, and reduce false-positive cases.

A year of records

2022 made history in many ways. For Smart-ID, it meant crossing several borders.

The remarkable success of Smart-ID is also evident in the number of days when it is used by over 1 million people, demonstrating its usefulness and high level of trust. The sheer volume of users on those days is an impressive testament to Smart-ID’s dependability. This is an exceptional milestone that illustrates the popularity and reliability of this authentication tool.

Last year was also a momentous occasion for us as we achieved an unprecedented 4 million transactions in one day. Additionally, Smart-ID’s availability rate or the time when the service is up and fully functional, rose to an impressive 99.83%, which is a slight increase from the previous year.

We also crossed physical borders by entering Barbados where Smart-ID is empowering Trident eID and helps Barbadians to enjoy their digital lives effortlessly. Next to India and Iceland, Barbados is another great example of how Smart-ID is making a positive impact on people’s lives all over the world.

A year of recognitions

The constantly growing number of loyal Smart-ID users gives us wings to bring secure digital life to more and more people. In 2022, our efforts were also recognized by independent surveys carried out by Kantar Emor, Brand Capital, and Havas.

Havas Estonia found in their Meaningful Brands study that Smart-ID is one of the top brands Estonians are most fond of. In addition to Smart-ID, the prominent TOP 10 included also MasterCard, Google, and other global brands.

According to a recent survey from Kantar Emor, Smart-ID is one of the most beloved brands in Estonia, placed 5th-6th among 160 well-known trademarks like YouTube, Google, and iPhone.

Brand Capital’s brand and lifestyle study found that Smart-ID is not only the most favored brand of digital tools in Latvia, but it is also the most unique brand in its category. The survey also states that the Smart-ID brand is highly recognizable – 90.3% of Latvians are familiar with Smart-ID.

Ratings and reviews of every-day users are reliable indicators of the quality of an app, and this is certainly the case for the Smart-ID. With an average rating of 4.5 stars, Smart-ID users have shown great trust in the app, demonstrating its high quality and value. This is reflected in the app’s high ranking in the App Store, the Play Store and Huawei App Gallery.

We thank our loyal users for trusting us to make their digital lives more effortless!