Frequently Asked Questions

For security reasons, you can’t use Smart-ID app on a rooted device. If you have rooted your smart device and want to use Smart-ID, you’ll see one of two warnings on your screen:

  • Rooted device warning.
    You’ll be warned that there is suspicion your device is rooted.
    You’ll still be able to have limited access to Smart-ID, i.e. you can continue with account registration.
  • Smart-ID blocked due to a rooted device.
    Due to the use of a rooted smart device all of your activities with Smart-ID are blocked. You can’t use it to register an account, identify yourself or to confirm any transactions.

To solve the issue, un-root your device and restore the standard settings (or factory settings) of your smart device.

If you are sure your device is not rooted and you still receive the rooted device warnings, please contact our customer services.

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