Frequently Asked Questions

You can still use Smart-ID even if your smart device does not display Smart-ID notifications. Let’s say you’d like to log in to your bank account:

  • Open your bank app or online banking through a web browser
    Choose Smart-ID as your login method and type in login data. Click OK/Continue/Enter to log in.
  • Normally, you should get an automatic notification on your smart device screen alerting you to the login process. If it does not happen, open the Smart-ID app manually by clicking on the app thumbnail on your screen.
  • You should now see the confirmation code and be prompted to enter the PIN.
  • If you already have your Smart-ID app open and still do not see the confirmation code nor the option to enter the PIN-numbers, click on the Smart-ID logo within the Smart-ID app – you should now be able to check the confirmation code and enter PIN.

We have also put together a few helpful videos for you:

iOS: using the Smart-ID app manually

Android: using the Smart-ID app manually

iOS: push notifications do not come for PIN2 requests


Smart-ID authentication works even if your push notifications don’t. As there are many possible reasons for your smart device not receiving notification, or not displaying them correctly, we recommend you visit the Notification sections of our Help pages.