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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use a Lithuanian ID-card to register your Smart-ID account. If your ID-card works with other e-services such as accessing and using your online bank account then you should find it will work with Smart-ID.

If you have trouble using your ID-card for e-services, here are a few things you should check:

ID-card: when was your ID-card issued?

  • Registration: You can only use ID-cards that were issued after 4th of July 2012 for Smart-ID registration. If your ID card was issued before July 4th 2012, it only supports the SHA-1 signature, a standard which is no longer considered secure and therefore can NOT be used for identification.
  • Biometric Identification: Only those passports and ID-cards that were issued on 1st of June 2011 or after are suitable. If your document is older, you should apply for a new identification document because:
    • The document is faulty and cannot be used for biometric identification. Please turn to the document issuer if further details are required.
    • Your document is about to expire (2021) or has already expired anyway.
    • It may take some time for the new document to be issued: apply early!
  • Operating system: does it have the necessary drivers?
  • Browser: does it have the right plugins?
    To complete the registration, a browser-based signing plugin package must be installed. We recommend using plugins that can be downloaded from here.