Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a Smart-ID account for a minor requires a parent/legal guardian to authenticate their account.

The child needs:

  • Personal identification document (a Estonian, Lithuanian or Latvian passport, ID-card or residence permit for Lithuania and Latvia) with an electronic chip
  • A phone that is both NFC-compatible and has a working camera (for face recognition later)
  • Smart-ID app downloaded and installed on child’s phone.
  • 10 minutes of uninterrupted time

The parent/guardian needs:

  • To be linked to the child as a legal guardian/parent in the Estonian, Lithuanian or Latvian national population registry
  • Ability to sign documents (ID-card, mobile-ID, Smart-ID)
  • To be ready and accessible with their devices

We have detailed instructions written for general Biometric Identification process meant for adults – you’ll find loads of good tips there. You can use those as a general guide or assistance, but make sure you follow the instructions on YOUR screens as there are slight differences in how an account is created for a minor to how an account is registered if the user is an adult.

Ready? Check that you’ve got everything you’ll need (documents, phones, child etc) within your reach, and start the process from the child’s phone.


Start from the child’s phone

  1. Don’t just click “continue”: read the instructions on the screen carefully and double check that all the information you enter is correct, and the whole process will be easy and stress-free.
  2. Choose your country, registration method (Biometric), and then opt for “I am a minor” option instead of the normal “Continue”. Next, you’ll need to agree to terms and conditions, and fill in your contact details.
  3. Then you’re asked to choose which of the child’s documents you want to scan (read general scanning instructions).
  4. If the scanning is successful, it’s time to involve the parent/guardian in authentication process.


Parental approval

Our system will automatically check for parents/legal guardians for the national population registry and ask which of the ones found will do the authentication. The child gets a link to share with the parent for signing the agreement – it can be sent via text, e-mail, social media etc.

The parent needs to click the link shared with them and approve the application from the same device they opened the link with.

NB! The child cannot continue with their registration until we’ve got one parent approval, and their registration will time out if there is too much of a delay.


Facial recognition

After the parent has approved the request, you’ll see a success message on the child’s phone and the process will take you to the next step – facial recognition. We’ve got some great tips for you to make sure the facial recognition is a success.

Take note: the child has to be still when using the camera, so no funny faces or moving around; and you need to choose a solid, still backdrop (do not attempt facial scanning in the crowd, in a moving vehicle etc) and enough light to make the face clearly visible.



Once you’ve completed the facial recognition for the child, it’s time to choose your PIN-codes. Make a wise choice: Smart-ID PIN-codes cannot be changed. The child needs to be able to remember both the PIN1 (4 digits) as well as the PIN2 (5 digits), but they should not be easy for others to guess.


And you’re done!

If you got into trouble, please read our instructions on how to avoid mistakes with biometric identification.