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Celebrating Your Trust: A Big Thank You to All Smart-ID Users!


Having advanced from the ninth position, Smart-ID’s popularity has surged significantly, catapulting it into the prestigious TOP 5 — surpassing even global giants such as Apple, Facebook, Samsung and Spotify. We are truly thankful to our all users for the increased trust and satisfaction towards this digital identity solution.

Smart-ID has been widely appreciated across various demographics, demonstrating its universal and diverse appeal. The service enjoys a strong and steady popularity across all genders, with a noteworthy preference among female users. Additionally, its liked among different age groups, but gaining exceptional traction among those aged 24 and older.

It’s not just the convenience but also the seamless integration into a multitude of daily digital interactions—from online banking to e-government services—that resonates with our users. Its sophisticated yet user-friendly security features ensure that both the tech-savvy and those new to digital services can enjoy their digital lives with confidence and ease.

The annual survey, which took place in May 2024 and involved 1,034 Estonians aged 15-74, evaluated public opinion on 164 well-known local and international brands. Smart-ID’s performance is particularly notable in the broader preference category, where it climbed from the tenth spot in 2023 to fourth place in 2024, confirming its status as a preferred choice among all digital identity solutions.