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Smart-ID in Numbers: Baltic Digital Dynamics Unveiled



Privacy Always Comes First

Amidst the impressive figures demonstrating the significance OF Smart-ID platform —like the over 1.206 million transactions recorded in Estonia following pension payment day—lies a commitment to user privacy. We have designed Smart-ID with a privacy-first approach, ensuring that individual transaction details remain the purview of the users alone. The statistical insights provided here reflect aggregate data, which illuminate the broad trends and patterns without compromising the confidential contents of any transaction. It offers a high-level view into the collective rhythms of the Baltic digital sphere, presenting a picture painted by numbers, not personal data specifics.

By harmonizing convenience with confidentiality, Smart-ID remains a trustworthy cornerstone of Baltic digital infrastructure, enabling citizens to navigate their online interactions with security and ease. This assurance is not just foundational—it’s a promise woven into the very fabric of Smart-ID’s operations.