Biometric Registration Expanded for All Users From the Age of 7


From now on, younger children can safely navigate through the online world under the supervision of their parents or legal guardians. Extending biometric registration access to people of all ages meets our goal of nurturing secure digital habits from an early age. This change will now also enable children as young as 7 years old to remotely open their first bank account, and start their digital journey safe. Therefore, a majority of children should be able to have their first bank account and Smart-ID setup without the need for a trip to a bank office.

Similar to the biometric registration process for users up to 18 years old, children aged 7-13 must be also accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Detailed guidelines on how to proceed with biometric registration can be found here.

Through this important milestone, Smart-ID aims to empower even the youngest users with a secure online environment, setting them up for a smooth digital journey. Parents and guardians play an essential role in helping their children comprehend and engage with the digital world responsibly.