Smart-ID – the most favoured brand of digital tools in Latvia


Process automation and technology make everyday life easier

The Brand Capital study, which was conducted for the 18th time and examined over 550 different Baltic brands, also investigated various societal trends. In recent years, there has been a moderate increase in the number of people who believe that automating many daily tasks and activities, as well as using digital tools, would make their lives much easier. Simultaneously, people in the Baltics are increasingly looking for ways to save money – they are more likely to choose the cheapest products and pay less for convenience or natural products.

Smart-ID – a brand of high quality

The study explains the levels of people’s attitudes and loyalty towards each brand, segmenting these attitudes into 5 different categories. More than 60% of the study participants are in the highest relationship tiers and are Smart-ID lovers or friends – those who would definitely use Smart-ID and have it as one of their favourite brands, or those who would definitely use Smart-ID.

With more than half of Latvia’s population using Smart-ID, it is no surprise that it is the most favoured and unique brand in the digital tools category. The authentication tool also has the most users in the country when compared to other digital tools, and one in every four Latvians considers Smart-ID to be a high-quality brand.

Audience as a brand mirror

At a time when green initiatives and projects are increasingly entering the corporate world, the field of digital tools and online technologies is one of those doing the most in practice to reduce the environmental impact. Like the Smart-ID team, the brand’s lovers and friends in Latvia are environmentally conscious – sorting waste, conserving energy and supporting alternative energy. Regarding the perception of Smart-ID “greenness”, it should be noted that there is no standout brand in the digital tools category – all are relatively equal. The study concludes that the challenge for truly digital tools is to deliver bold, visible and striking events or projects, thereby constructing a perception of brand greenness.

Brand Capital’s study participants – brand fans – are active online shoppers who are also concerned about the security of their personal data. Brand lovers are very often digital content creators, just as Smart-ID friends are digital, always online, using various mobile apps and services. They not only create but also consume a lot of content.

Cybersecurity and online fraud will always be relevant

Internet users can take care of their own online safety, but they must remain vigilant at all times as they cannot be certain of the intentions of other users – the bad guys. Brand Capital has found that 42% of Latvians have personally experienced an attempt of online financial fraud in the last year, either personally or in their family. In Estonia, the figure is 36%, while for Lithuanians, only 28% have experienced such situations in the last year.

In Latvia, young men with lower incomes are more likely to be victims of online fraud. It was also discovered that people who are very focused on work and career and have high levels of stress are frequently the victims of financial scams. People who are not afraid to try out new digital innovations are quite often the victims of fraud.

The Smart-ID Latvia team would like to thank the participants and contributors of the study, as well as existing users for their loyalty and appreciation!

*Baltic Brand study was conducted online in July-August 2022, surveying 2,800 economically active people in the Baltic states aged 15-74 who use the internet at least once a week. The study is based on an internationally developed and locally adapted brand research methodology.