Frequently Asked Questions

Problem: Smart-ID application notifications are not appearing on my phone. Smart-ID application has to be opened manually to perform transactions.

Possible cause: There are many possible causes for this problem. The most common ones are either a network connection related issue, notifications are disabled for this application, battery saver is disabling background activities, Smart-ID application is closed via “Force Stop” in apps’ menu.

Try the following steps for a solution  (Based on Android 6.0):

Verify that notifications are allowed

  • Navigate to Settings > Apps > Smart-ID > Notifications
  • Notifications should not be blocked
  • Allow peeking functionality should be enabled

Verify that battery saving is not disabling notifications

  • Navigate to: Settings > Battery
  • Open the Battery optimization menu
  • From the list of not optimised applications select “All apps”
  • Locate the Smart-ID application and select “Don’t optimise”

Verify that network connections have proper settings

  • Check that there is a working internet or WiFi connection (verify with a web browser)
  • Verify that mobile internet connection is allowed
  • Make sure that background data is allowed for mobile internet
  • Google instructions for enabling background data: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/1663315?hl=en

Verify that Smart-ID is not closed with “Force Stop

Closing the Smart-ID application via “Force Stop”/”force quit” should be avoided wherever possible – this action places the app in a state where the app is unable to receive notifications anymore. “Force Stop” can happen when

  • the application is closed from Settings>Apps>Smart-ID menu by pressing “Force Stop”
  • long-pressing the back button on some devices
  • using a 3rd party task manager to ‘kill’ Smart-ID application

How to solve the issue?

If your Smart-ID app has been closed by force stop function and you want to start receiving push messages again, you need to open Smart-ID app manually while using e-services. In the future avoid using force stop to close apps. If necessary, open the “Recent apps” view and close the app through there.

Ps. Note that on some Huawei devices “Force Stop” can happen also for a variety of reasons due to manufacturer’s custom battery optimization settings. For example, when you’ve closed the app through “Recent apps” or seemingly randomly when you’ve taken into account all the steps listed above. If this happens in your case, please try not to manually close the app unless absolutely necessary.