Smart-ID – smart way to identify yourself

Smart-ID is the easiest, safest and fastest way to authenticate yourself online, register in e-services and sign documents.

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  • 543 906users in Estonia
  • 981 192users in Latvia
  • 1 360 640users in Lithuania

For your business

One strong solution for all of your identity needs: universal token for authentication and signing.

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Find out how our clients with Smart-ID changed their experience of digital services

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Quick HELP

Do you need to update your Smart-ID?

Smart-ID accounts need to be renewed (and re-authenticated!) every 3 years. Just make sure you have updated your app software before and you have your preferred authentication method available.

  1. Guidelines for renewing your Smart-ID account
  2. Updating the app and phone software

Are you getting a new phone?

If you’re getting a new phone (or have reset your phone) and want to continue using Smart-ID, you need to register a new account. Follow these easy steps and you’ll be ready to go in no time:

  1. Download Smart-ID app
  2. Register a new account
  3. Delete your inactive accounts

What is Biometric registration?

Biometric identification suits you if you can’t use other electronic registration methods but you do have a passport or ID-card with an electronic chip and a mobile phone with NFC-support. This enables you to scan your documents at home to complete the authentication process.

  1. Requirements for biometric registration
  2. Getting ready: how to avoid mistakes
  3. Step-by-step instructions 
  4. Error codes and how to solve issues
  5. What to do if your document got locked

How to sign documents with Smart-ID?

There are several ways to sign document with Smart-ID. E-services you already use allow you to confirm transactions and sign agreements within the e-service itself. If you want to choose what and where to sign, you can use online signing services (like Adobe Sign, Lahdes and Dokobit), desktop software (DigiDoc4 and Dokobit add-in) or mobile apps (Dokobit or RIA DigiDoc).

  1. Digital signing with Smart-ID 

It is now even easier to register a new Smart-ID account by using the old one

It is possible to register a new Smart-ID account by using the existing one. This requires taking some very simple steps. However, this registration method is only appropriate if the user has previously proved his or her identity by visiting the bank in person. If this is not the case,...
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New employee – are you sure you really talked to him during the job interview?

During a pandemic, a new challenge for employers - how to know that the person you just had a job interview with online will do the work assigned or perform tasks as well as they presented their competencies during the interview? Equally, potential employees might feel precarious, that the employer...
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Why Smart-ID?

  • Convenient & fast

    Simple user interface and fast-acting

  • Multi-device

    Across device and multi-device usage

  • Secure

    Innovative use of advanced cryptography and proven PKI

  • Cross-country usage

    Same eID works across countries

  • Legally binding signatures

    Qualified Electronic Signature level digital signatures

  • Compliant

    EBA guidelines, eIDAS, GDPR and PSD2 requirements

Online services

you can log-in to with Smart-ID app

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Some awesome words from happy clients

Smart-ID app is easy to use and loved by our users, and offers a safe and secure identification and signing solution for e-service providers. 

  • Using Smart-ID for customer authentication doubled the number of monthly new users in our mobile bank. We are very satisfied with Smart-ID regarding both the ease of technical integration, as well as convenient user experience of the application. This mindset is supported by our internet and mobile banking clients from whom already 25% are using the possibilities of Smart-ID.

    Margus Holland

    Margus Holland

    LHV Bank - Head of Digital Banking

  • Running your business with Xolo can be easily managed using Smart-ID. For our customers, Smart-ID is an important login alternative to e-Residency ID card in case customer uses a device where ID-card software isn’t set up.

    Erik Mell

    Erik Mell

    Xolo - Co-founder

  • ‘Professional and close cooperation led to a fast and smooth launch of Smart-ID. Smart-ID satisfies our customers’ top priorities, namely, ease of use, convenience and security. Consequently, the number of app users in our credit unions increases each day.’

    Jovita Platenkovienė

    Jovita Platenkovienė

    Director of Business and IT Development Department Lithuanian Central Credit Union

  • ‘One of the strategic directions of the GENERAL FINANCING BANK is the digitalisation of its processes. We seek to provide our customers with every opportunity to be independent with a minimum of effort. Smart-ID ensures not only fast and secure authentication, but also a smooth remote completion of the transaction processes.’

    Laura Meškauskienė

    Laura Meškauskienė

    GENERAL FINANCING BANK Director of the New Products and Innovations Department




Biometric registration method launched

Users can now verify their accounts by scanning their own documents.

State support for Smart-ID

All Estonian state services have full Smart-ID support and Smart-ID is used for age verification in Latvia.

Cloud signing

Adobe Sign cloud signing services now have Smart-ID support.

3 000 000 users reached


Secure authentication recognised

Smart-ID authentication schema was evaluated as „level high” in Estonia and Smart-ID support is added to all state services.

2 000 000 users


Digital signatures

Becoming certified as QSCD means that signatures given with Smart-ID have the same legal standing as handwritten ones across European Union. 

Breakthrough of the Year

Smart-ID wins ITL’s Breakthrough of the Year and reaches 1 000 000 users.


Smart-ID launch

Our app reaches 300 000 users in the first year.

Prestigious awards

Smart-ID wins Service of The Year from Lithunian Industry Confederation and Silver in Estonian Design awards.