Smart-ID – a smart way to identify yourself!

Smart-ID is the easiest, fastest and safest way to authenticate yourself online! Forget complicated user names and passwords – this is a safer and easier way to check your online bank account and access e-services.


Using Smart-ID for personal identification is free, totally unlimited and you can download the app to all of your Android and iOS smart devices. Follow the steps in the app to confirm your identity and complete the registration process. Once you’ve done that, you’re good to go! Just remember, if you want to use Smart-ID on multiple smart devices you will need to register each device individually for the authentication to work.

What’s more, you can use Smart-ID to access e-services from your other devices too.  Let’s say you prefer to use a computer for your online banking and you have Smart-ID on your smartphone. No worries, you can use Smart-ID on both. You can login to e-services using your computer and the smart device, or the smart device only. YOU choose the way you want to use e-services and Smart-ID, we just help to make authentication as simple, reliable and fast as possible.

Smart-ID app is easy to use and will suit you even if it is your first app experience or the first time you use electronic authentication. Give it a go, digital revolution has never been easier!


You can use Smart-ID any time, any place, because it’s always with you in your smart device. No need for additional devices, just download the Smart-ID app and start using it. It works as fast as your internet connection allows and using it is very convenient.

When you want to log into an e-service, for example your online bank account, choose Smart-ID login option from your bank’s website. After entering the required Information, you’ll get a Smart-ID notification on the screen of your smart device. Make sure that the e-service name and verification code match in the notification and e-service and enter your PIN1 code. And that’s it; you’ll be logged into the e-service!

For the easy on-screen notifications to work, you need to allow push notifications in your Smart-ID app. You can still log in through Smart-ID even if your device doesn’t accept push notifications. In that case, just open the app to confirm the pending transaction. All in all, using Smart-ID to authenticate is fast and convenient. It takes less time than going to another room to fetch your wallet and looking for the correct password from the bank’s code card!


Smart-ID is much safer than bank code cards. Losing your phone or any other device where you have your Smart-ID app does not give someone else automatic access to all of your digital accounts. Why? Because to use Smart-ID you need two things: your smart device and your secret PIN codes that are known only to you.

Using your Smart-ID account is made secure thanks to PIN codes. These are the codes you choose while registering your account in order to authenticate e-services and sign documents and transactions.

PIN1 code is at least 4 digits and used to get access to e-services.

PIN2 code is at least 5 digits long and needed to sign documents or confirm actions such as bank transactions.

In case someone has your device and tries to guess your PIN codes, your account will be locked every time your PIN has been entered incorrectly three times in a row.

After three unsuccessful PIN attempts, your account will be locked for 3 hours. If a further 3 unsuccessful attempts are made, your account will then be locked for 24 hours. Should there be another 3 incorrect PIN attempts, your account will be locked permanently. To continue using Smart-ID, you have to first delete your existing account and then register a new one.

So, as long as you are the only one who knows your PIN codes, your transactions and account will always stay safe!

Smart-ID will change the way you use e-services!

Download Smart-ID

It’s time for a new generation of safe logins. Want to get access to your online bank accounts and other e-services with just a few clicks? Use Smart-ID app!

Smart-ID is a FREE personal identification tool that every smart device owner can use: it is an easy, convenient and secure way to access e-services.

Download the Smart-ID app and join the digital revolution!
Once you have downloaded the app, you only need to confirm your identity once. It only takes a few moments. After you’ve completed the registration, you can start enjoying the new world of electronic identity.

Forget bank code cards and enjoy a modern, fast and, most importantly, secure solution for digital authentication!

You can use Smart-ID in as many smart devices as you want and you can gain access to your online accounts across multiple devices. The service is completely FREE of charge, so if you are still unsure, give it a go – you’ve got nothing to lose and a whole world of digital freedom to gain!

Smart-ID is simple, easy to use and a convenient alternative to code cards – in your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Forget code cards! Safe login to online banks!

Smart-ID replaces code card login for banks. With Smart-ID, you can access your online bank accounts safely and securely from any smart device you want – just download Smart-ID app. Stay in charge of your finances wherever you are and when ever you want!

Easy, fast and convenient access to e-services

Using Smart-ID is easy: all you need is your smartphone and internet connection. The process is simple and fast and will grant you access to e-services within seconds.


Downloading and using the Smart-ID app is completely FREE! Smart-ID works on all smart devices with operating systems Android 4.1 (or newer) or iOS 8 (or newer). Install Smart-ID like any other app.

Confirm your identity:

Register your account using your preferred authentication method and confirm your identity. Once that is done, you get to choose your own secret PIN codes. This is needed only once per device. To use Smart-ID, all you need is to remember your PIN codes.

Start using:

Access to online bank or e-services is easy. During login you will get a Smart-ID notification on your smart device screen, so you don’t even need to start the app! In case that does not work, just start the app. To login to the e-service, confirm your identity with your PIN1 code. If you want to sign documents or complete a bank transaction, you’ll be asked to enter your PIN2 code. And that’s how easy it is!

Use anywhere:

Smart-ID is safer and more convenient than bank code cards. All you need is an internet connection, either WiFi or mobile internet: the service isn’t SIM-card based or dependent on your mobile operator. You can use Smart-ID on multiple devices or even across devices, at home or when travelling abroad. You can use it anywhere and any time to gain access to your online bank account or e-services within seconds!

Frequently asked questions

What is Smart-ID?

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Smart-ID is a new convenient personal identification solution. It is simple, easy to use and a convenient alternative to bank code cards. With Smart-ID, you can log in to e-services and confirm transactions and agreements.

I have Mobile-ID, why do I need Smart-ID?

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You can use Smart-ID on all your smart devices – on both smart phones and tablets. For using Smart-ID, you only need WiFi or mobile internet connection, not data roaming or special SIM card.

How much does using Smart-ID cost?

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Downloading and using the Smart-ID app is free of charge.

Smart-ID transactions are paid for by the companies who let you use their e-services for logging in and giving e-signatures.

How much data does Smart-ID use?

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The data amount needed for one Smart-ID transaction is really small, on average it about 5kb.

My PIN code got locked, can I unlock it?

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The app will lock after three unsuccessful PIN attempts for a period of three hours. You will see a countdown timer showing you how long before you can try again.

If three further incorrect PIN attempts be made (6 in total by now), the app will lock for a period of 24 hours. Again a countdown timer will appear showing how long until you can try again

If another three unsuccessful PIN attempts are made (9 in total), the PIN code will be locked permanently. When this happens, the app must be deleted and reinstalled, after that you need to authenticate again.

To delete and reinstall a locked account:
a. go to the Smart I-D self service portal, and delete your account, or delete your account using Smart-ID app
b. register a new account for your Smart-ID (the app might need re-installing).

I don’t remember my PIN 1 code, can I still use my PIN2 code?

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Yes, you can – as long as the PIN number hasn’t been permanently locked. PIN1 code is for authentication and PIN2 code is for signing and/or confirming a transaction. PIN codes are independent from each other and can be used separately. Please note: if one of your PIN-codes has been permanently locked, your account will be closed and you need to open a new account.

I don’t remember my PIN code(s) – what can I do about it?

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For your security, your PIN numbers are not stored anywhere, so you will need a new Smart-ID account.

How to do that:

a) go to Smart-ID self-service portal and delete your account or delete your account using Smart-ID app

b) register a new account for your Smart-ID (might need re-installing).

My phone got stolen or lost – what should I do?

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You should close your Smart-ID account. You can do it yourself by going to the Smart-ID self-service portal at and closing the account there, or you can contact the Smart-ID support and ask to close your account.

Is using Smart-ID safe?

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Yes, Smart-ID is a highly secure solution for authentication and electronic signing. It follows several security principles:

  • Something only you know – your secret PIN1 and PIN2 codes;
  • Something only you have – the shares of “private keys” inside your mobile device that are used for each Smart-ID transaction.

Smart-ID codes are not stored inside your smart device and losing your phone does not mean someone might gain access to your passwords.

To use Smart-ID safely and securely, you should follow these security steps:

  • never share your PIN1 and PIN2 codes with anyone else;
  • always verify that each Smart-ID transaction is started by you;
  • make sure that the verification code displayed in the Smart-ID app matches the code displayed in the e-service;
  • protect your smart device, use screen lock and follow other best practices of secure use.

For what/when/how are my PIN codes used?

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Your PIN codes are used during each Smart-ID transaction: PIN1 is used to authenticate you – to give you access to your online bank account or e-service. PIN2 is used for electronic signatures and completing transactions, like finishing a bank transfer.

PIN-codes are not stored anywhere so remembering them is very important: there are no PIN-reminders available and if you forget your PIN-codes, you need to open a new Smart-ID account.

I downloaded and installed the application – what should I do now?

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You should register an account by authenticating yourself through online bank, ID-card or Mobile-ID. You will be asked to choose two PIN codes: PIN1 and PIN2 code. After registering, you can start using Smart-ID for e-services.

What authentication methods can be used when registering an account in Smart-ID?

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You can apply for Smart-ID electronically by using ID-card or Mobile-ID.
In Latvia and Lithuania it’s also possible to apply for a Smart-ID using Swedbank and SEB internet bank existing authentication methods (password cards, PIN calculators).

Can I have several Smart-ID accounts on multiple smart devices?

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Yes, the number of devices is not limited. Just remember – you need to register a new Smart-ID account for each smart device.

Can different people have an account on the same device?

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Yes, if you are using an Android device that supports multiple users. But you have to be logged on with your device user account to receive Smart-ID push notifications.
Unfortunately, iOS devices don’t yet support multiple user accounts.

Why do I need 2 PIN codes?

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PIN1 is used for authentication, such as when logging into e-services like online banks. PIN2 is used for electronic signing, for example confirming bank transactions or signing digital documents.

Closing the Smart-ID account:

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If you decide that you no longer want to use Smart-ID then you can delete the account – either open the Smart-ID self service portal at or the Smart-ID app on your device and follow instructions there.

Do I need access to the internet to use Smart-ID?

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Smart-ID app needs an internet connection to communicate with the e-service, so either mobile internet connection or WiFi must be switched on and available.

Do I need to open the Smart-ID app to use it?

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Not necessarily. Just allow your Smart-ID app to receive push notifications and all notifications will appear on your smart device screen automatically. If there is a delay in receiving notifications, open the app manually: you can force active transaction checking and complete authentications there.

Can I use Smart-ID abroad?

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Yes, you can: your location does not matter as long as you have a working internet connection. You can use Smart-ID anywhere in the world!

I started authentication but nothing happens on my phone. What should I do now?

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Check that your device has access to the internet, either through a mobile internet connection or WiFi.

If the authentication notification hasn’t reached your device, open Smart-ID app and press “Check for transaction”. This function will check if there are any on-going authentications in progress and prompt you to enter a PIN code.

If your PIN-numbers are locked then Smart-ID app will tell you and show you how long they are locked for.

For how long can I use my Smart-ID account?

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Smart-ID account is active for 3 (three) years. You can create a new account before your current one expires.

How can I get transaction push messages in my native language on iOS?

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Within your iOS system, the “preferred language” should already be set to your desired language.

I got a “technical error”, what should I do?

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Wait for a few minutes and then repeat the action. If problem persists, contact our support.

Using Smart-ID is secure and safe.

Your personal data is always protected even if you lose your phone. It is much safer than using code cards and no one can get access to your information!

So what makes Smart-ID safe?

We’ve worked very hard to make sure that using the app would be easy and convenient, but we’ve worked even harder to make sure that your digital identity is always protected. Smart-ID offers the highest standard of protection: that’s why it is a solution that banks, e-service providers and governments trust.

PIN-numbers will protect your personal information

All you need for Smart-ID to work is internet connection and to remember your PIN-numbers. Smart-ID uses two different PIN-numbers.

  • PIN1 is used to give you access to your accounts – for example your bank account.
  • PIN2 is needed to digitally sign transactions, like completing a bank transfer or signing a document.

Both PIN-numbers are chosen by you when you first register your Smart-ID app – this makes them easy to remember. As we won’t actually store your PIN-numbers anywhere, remembering them is very important: there are no “reminders” you can later use and if you forget your PIN’s, the only solution is to delete the account and register a new one. Be sure to choose your PIN-numbers smartly and don’t share them with anyone!

If someone steals your mobile device and tries to “hack” into your account, PIN-numbers will keep your data safe. The first time someone enters three wrong PIN-numbers in a row, we will block your account for 3 hours. The second time someone enters the wrong PIN-number three times in a row, your account will be blocked for 24 hours. And if it happens again for the third time, we’ll block your account permanently.

Your accounts are safe even if you lose your mobile device

Unlike bank code cards where all passwords are written on the same piece of plastic, Smart-ID app does not actually store any passwords for you. Each access code, or private key, is split into pieces. Some of that key will be kept in your app, but the rest will be safely and securely locked away in Smart-ID servers. The piece that’s inside your app is protected by PIN-numbers and Smart-ID servers are protected by hardware security modules.

Clever cryptographic methods make sure that digital signatures can’t be created – or their logic “figured out” – by someone just because they have had access to your private keys. And to make it even more safe, individual shares of private keys are never mathematically combined in a single place.

All of this means that having access to your phone or even hacking your Smart-ID account won’t do the thief any good. He would need to break the security of both shares of that private key to create new digital signatures, and that is virtually impossible.

Integrate Smart-ID to your e-service

Easy and secure access via Smart-ID attracts more customers to your e-service. The Smart-ID solution is based on a simple REST API that can be easily used from all modern development frameworks. Be innovative – add Smart-ID to your e-service today!
Read more about Smart-ID technical overview here

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