Smart-ID Integrates with the Latvian Population Registry, Enabling Enhanced Registration Features


With this seamless integration, Smart-ID users in Latvia can now benefit from additional registration features that simplify and streamline the process. One of the major updates is the ability for underage Latvians to register for Smart-ID account using their biometric data, providing the same level of convenience and security as adult users.

This integration is particularly important as it eliminates the need for the 13 years old and above minors to visit any physical offices for Smart-ID registration. Also, Latvian minors can now easily use all services offered by Smart-ID at the highest or Qualified level of authentication, eliminating the previous inconvenience of having to settle for a Basic account.

Furthermore, as a result of the with the Population Registry integration, Smart-ID now supports registration with an ID-card for Latvians who have new identification numbers beginning with number “32”. This feature is applicable to minors as well, broadening the accessibility of safe authentication.

Smart-ID team remains committed to delivering user-centric solutions that evolve with the changing needs of our users. The integration with the Latvian Population Registry marks another significant step forward in providing secure and accessible digital authentication services. For everyone. Everywhere.