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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Smart-ID is a highly secure solution for authentication and electronic signing. It follows several security principles:

1. Something only you know – your secret PIN1 and PIN2 codes;

2. Something only you have – the shares of “private keys” inside your mobile device that are used for each Smart-ID transaction.

Smart-ID codes are not stored inside your smart device and losing your phone does not mean someone might gain access to your passwords.

  • To use Smart-ID safely and securely, you should follow these security steps:
  • never share your PIN1 and PIN2 codes with anyone else;
  • always verify that each Smart-ID transaction is started by you;
  • make sure that the verification code displayed in the Smart-ID app matches the code displayed in the e-service;
  • protect your smart device, use screen lock and follow other best practices of secure use.