Smart-ID is now available in Belgium!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Keep your PIN-codes private!

Do not share your PIN1 and PIN2 codes with anyone, not even family members or friends. As long as you are the only one who has the PIN-codes, no one else can use your Smart-ID to login to services, confirm transactions or access your data. This is also why you should never write your PIN-codes down. When registering your account, choose PIN-codes that would be easy for you to remember, but difficult for other people to guess. Avoid using your own birthday or codes such as 0000 or 1234. Read more about how to choose the best PIN codes for Smart-ID.


2. Only respond when you have initiated the action!

Never ever enter your PIN codes if you are not the one who initiated the transaction! If you see a random authorization request on your screen, ignore it. If it happens again, get in touch with our customer service and we’ll help you figure out what to do next.


3. Use a screen lock on your smart phone

All smartphones have a screen lock function. Though it may seem a bit tedious, don’t be tempted to go without. The most common screen lock option is a numeric passcode and newer phones also offer pattern-based locks or a fingerprint lock. Passcode and fingerprint locks are the safest. Try to avoid using passcodes like 0000, 1111, 1234, 2580 and your own (or your family members’) birthdays.


4. Only download software from trusted sources

Do not download unauthorized/illegal software and do not use links that promise to give you free access to otherwise expensive add-ins. Google Play and AppStore are the best places for software updates and new apps, and most of them are free anyway or cost very little. Making sure your software is legal also helps you protect yourself from cloning and identity theft.


5. Keep your apps updated

Keep your software up to date: regular updates of your operating system and apps help make sure you always have the best protection against security risks. The best way to ensure your software is always fresh is to allow automatic updates!


6. Do not use rooted, jailbroken, unlocked or “cracked” devices!

Buy your smart devices from authorised sellers or people you trust and who can prove that they are the true owners of the device. Stolen devices, rooted devices etc. are susceptible to hacking, generally unsafe and may cause issues in app performance.


7. Sharing is not always caring

The only way to make sure that no-one else adds something or does something you do not want on your smart device is to avoid giving access to your smart device to others. If sharing is the only option, make sure every user has their own account. Avoid automatic logins on devices with multiple users, and keep your screen passcode private!