Smart-ID cloud signatures with Adobe Sign

Combine Adobe Sign cloud signing services with the convenient access granted by Smart-ID.
Smart-ID can be used on mobiles, desktops and across devices and signing can be deployed through apps as well as web browsers: what ever suits your needs.
No need for smart-cards, USB-tokens, special drivers or complicated integrations: it’s easy, safe and reliable.

Convenient and safe cloud-based document management services combined with secure and certified electronic signatures.

Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is a cloud-based e-signature service that allows the user to send, sign, track, and manage signature processes using a browser or mobile device. You can also use the Adobe Sign native app (iOS or Android) with your Adobe Sign account! It is part of the Adobe Document Cloud suite of services.


SK ID Solutions (Smart-ID) is a certified Trust Service Provider and Smart-ID is eIDAS certified Qualified Electronic Signature Device (QSCD).

Your end users can log in to your Adobe Sign cloud storage to view and sign documents without having to download/upload them, using their existing Smart-ID accounts.

Easy integration:

We’ve done all the legwork for you so integrating Smart-ID to your cloud signing service is fast. All you need is to have a valid Smart-ID service agreement and to be an existing Adobe Sign customer. The services can be linked once we have your Adobe ID.

Get a FREE Developer Edition of Adobe Sign if you would like to test the service or you are a developer.

Benefits of Adobe Sign

Trusted service

Trusted service

Adobe is the global expert in secure digital document solutions and standard-based electronic signatures, offering exceptional reliability on a global scale.
Cross border transactions within EU.

Cross border transactions within EU.

eIDAS regulates electronic signatures and electronic transactions, creating a safe and clear way for the users to conduct their business across all member states.
Wide selection of signing devices

Wide selection of signing devices

Signers can use a signing device of their choice, making it internationally accessible.


Signed documents come in PDF-format and are easy to validate – by anyone, anywhere.
No need to download

No need to download

Signers do not need to download (and later upload) the documents before signing: signatures can be given to documents in the cloud.
Future proof and scalable

Future proof and scalable

Open standards eliminate compatibility issues and deployment limitations: flexible, scalable and highly customizable
Combine it with Smart-ID

Combine it with Smart-ID

Combine Adobe Sign with Smart-ID for the ultimate comfort: use it on the go, across devices!

Our sales team is here to help

If you need more information, would like to have assistance with service set-up or would like help deciding if Smart-ID is suitable for your e-service, please contact our corporate support team:

E-mail: sales@smart-id.com
Phone: (+372) 610 1885

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What is cloud signing?

Remote signatures – known as cloud-based signatures – represent the new generation of electronic signing. While digital signing is nothing new, solutions used for it were limiting in their narrow choice of digital ID’s, allowed software applications or document formats.

Adobe has pioneered a new, open standard technical specification designed for both web and mobile, enabling users to give digital signatures that meet the highest level of compliance and assurance for signer authentication – and do it in a widely accessible PDF-format, on the go.

  • Future-proof your business with open standards:
    Open standards eliminate compatibility issues and deployment limitations and make it possible to create consistent, expandable and interoperable experiences across all your applications and devices.
  • Internationally accessible and universally convenient
    Wide selection of signing devices and documents in PDF-format make Adobe Sign the most easily accessible solution on a global scale.
  • Digital signatures meet the highest level of compliance.
    In European Union, digital signatures are the only form of electronic signatures having the same legal standing as handwritten signatures. Using qualified digital signatures ensures that the document cannot be altered after signing, that signers have been formally identified and that their signatures are legally binding.